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Privacy statement foundation Together Between Amstel and IJ.

Controller:Foundation Together between Amstel and IJ (STAIJ)
Name Driver:A. (Arnold) Jonk
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Contact details Data Protection Officer:

STAIJ processes personal data of all its students. STAIJ finds a good relationship with
personal data is of great importance and is aware of privacy legislation. STAY is
responsible for the careful handling of your child's personal data. In this privacy
In this explanation we explain how we handle your child's personal data.


Privacy and student data

Why do we process your child's data
We call the data about students personal data. STAIJ processed
personal data of your child in order to fulfill our obligations as an educational institution.
For example, we need the data to register your child as a student at our school,
to keep track of study progress and to enable your child to obtain a diploma.
In addition, we have the legal obligation to forward certain data to others
parties, such as DUO (Ministry of Education) and compulsory education. We process your child's data
for the performance of the education agreement we have with your child and/or for the
comply with our legal obligations. We will only process data that does not comply with this
process your consent. If permission is requested for the processing of data,
such as for the use of image material (photos and videos), please give the permission on each
withdraw or give it at a later time (change of consent does not apply to now
published footage).

We receive most of the information from parents when they register at our school. In addition
teachers and support staff record information about students, e.g. grades
and progress. Sometimes special personal data is registered if this is necessary for the
correct guidance of a student, such as medical data (such as dyslexia or ADHD).

The student data is stored in our (digital) administration system ParnasSys. This
program is secure and access to that data is limited to STAIJ employees who have the
data strictly necessary for the performance of their work.

When processing the data, we always assume necessity, we will no longer
process data than is necessary to comply with our rights and obligations as an educational institution
come. This also means that the data will not be used for purposes other than us
mention this explanation. In a number of cases, as indicated earlier, we are obliged to
share your child's information with other organisations. These include DUO, compulsory education, de
education inspectorate, GGD/school doctor, partnership and accountant.

The personal data is stored encrypted as much as possible. In addition, we store the
data no longer than necessary. We use different retention periods for this
be regulated and established by law. 

During the lessons we use digital learning resources. A limited set of
personal data exchanged with suppliers to, for example, identify a student as that
logs in.

We have made clear agreements with suppliers about the data they receive from us.
The supplier may only use the student data if we give permission for this. A
A list of the suppliers with whom the school has made agreements can be obtained from the school.
In addition, it may be necessary for us to exchange data with other external parties, for example
healthcare authorities. If there is no legal obligation for the exchange, we will ask you in advance
permission to exchange data with these parties.

When registering your child(ren), we will ask you for permission to use photos
video material, sharing your contact information with other parents and using social
media by your child(ren). You have the right to change this consent at any time. You can
make this known by e-mail to the director.

The school expressly asks parents to exercise restraint in taking photos and videos
within the school. Parents are not allowed to use photos/videos taken at school
share via social media or use it for commercial purposes.

What rights do a student and parents of students under the age of 16 have?
As parents, you have a number of rights when it comes to personal data. These rights are in law
captured. Students and/or parents can use these rights at any time. This
means, for example, that you can always submit a request to inspect the data that
we process of your child. In addition, you can also submit a request to rectify data,
limit or completely erase it from STAIJ's systems. You always have the right to incorrect
supplement or correct data. We will then ensure that this data is also
at organizations with which we share and/or exchange your child's data are adjusted.
If you request that we restrict or delete your child's information, we will review whether this is the case
is possible. In this test we adhere to the legal requirements and we check, for example, whether
we have no legal obligation to keep the data. You also have the right to ask
to transfer to you the data that we process from your child and that we have received from you
or transfer it to another organization at your request.

STAIJ will not make any decisions about your child based solely on automated information
data processing (profiling). Decisions are never made without human intervention

If you have any questions or requests in the field of privacy, you can always contact the school director
or via

If you do not agree with how we handle your child's data, you can request clarification
questions to our Data Protection Officer (see contact details at the top of this
declaration). If you think your problem is not being solved properly, you can report this to
Authority for Personal Data (

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