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This is where you can find out all about the application procedure for day care and schooling.

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The application procedure

It’s great that you’re interested in MKC De Schatkaart! This page provides information about all the steps involved in enrolling your (future) child(ren) for schooling, day care or out-of-school care.


Education, childcare, TSO and BSO each have their own application button. You will find these in the 2 routes below. If you can't figure it out and need help registering, you can always call us.

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Education route
Reception route


Step 1 - schooling

Information session

We regularly organise information sessions for parents. These sessions cover every aspect of our schooling and day-care offering and enable you to ask any questions you might have, as well as getting a sense of the atmosphere. Scroll to the bottom of this page for an overview of the dates of the upcoming information sessions.

Step 2 - schooling 

Apply using the online form

If you want to apply for education on MKC De Schatkaart, you can do so via one of the buttons below.

Is your child between 0-3.5 years old and do you want to apply it with De Schatkaart? Then this is done via the preference form of the municipality of Amsterdam. Read more about the procedure of the municipal admission policy at the bottom of this page.

If the child is 3.5 years or older, the registration on De Schatkaart is done via our own online application form. You can also use this form for moving house and for transferring from another school. Read more here

After submitting the form, you will receive confirmation that we have received your application. Please note: the application is not yet a definitive registration, but it is the first step in the application procedure.

Step 3 - schooling

Intake meeting

Upon receipt of your application, we will send you an intake form by email. Once we have received your completed intake form, we will invite you all for an intake meeting with an MKC De Schatkaart team member. Needless to say, we are keen to get to know the parents and the children well and to discuss the various opportunities together. Based on the outcome of this meeting in conjunction with the information on the intake form, we will decide on the right group for your child. 

Step 4 - schooling

Confirmation of enrolment

You will then receive confirmation of your child’s enrolment at MKC De Schatkaart. In exceptional cases, and following the necessary research, the school may decide not to admit a child, such as when the child has special needs that the school cannot meet. In that case, the school will work in consultation with the parents to find a different school that can offer the necessary care.  

Step 5 - schooling 

Settling in 

  • Before your child attends our school for the first time, the teacher of your child’s group will invite you all for an introductory meeting so that you can hear more about the day-to-day routine and see the classroom.

  • It often takes children a while to settle in, so we advise limiting their attendance to half days only for the first two weeks.

  • This usually gives them long enough to adjust, but some children need a little more time, in which case they should slowly build up to full-day attendance. The teacher will always discuss this with you.

  • We prefer not to have new children joining us less than a week before the Christmas holidays and less than three weeks before the summer holidays. This can be discussed during the intake meeting.

  • We expect all children starting in year 1-2 to be out of nappies and toilet-trained.

Day care

Step 1 - day care

Information session

If you are applying for day care, you can also make an appointment for a guided tour in addition to attending an information session. During the tour, we tell you more about our vision, approach and allocation of the groups, and we show you the various groups.

For the dates of the information sessions, click on the News heading on our website. To arrange a tour, call or email us.

Step 2 - day care

Apply using the online form

To enrol your child for day care or for out-of-school or lunchtime care, simply complete the application form at the bottom of this page. Out-of-school care is only available for pupils at MKC De Schatkaart. After submitting the form, you will receive confirmation that we have received your application.

Step 3 - day care

Confirmation of enrolment

If there is a place for your child in day care and/or out-of-school care, we will send you an enrolment form. Once you have digitally signed and returned that form to us, the enrolment of your child is confirmed.

Most parents are entitled to childcare benefit (Kinderopvangtoeslag). We can help you to apply for this if you wish.

Step 4 - day care

Intake meeting 

Your child’s mentor will phone you to arrange an intake meeting two to four weeks before your child starts with us.

During the intake meeting, we discuss everything that you and we need to know – not only practical matters, but also any extra aspects such as health issues, use of medication, allergies, eating and sleeping habits or rituals. You also receive more information about our vision on child development, our way of working and the day-to-day routine.

Step 5 - day care

Settling in 

Before the agreement starts, we help your child to settle in by attending day care with us for two part-days (of 2 hours and 4 hours). It is important to us that your child has two ‘practice runs’ with us before the first day ‘for real’. This is a good opportunity to see how your child reacts to the new situation, to our team members and to the other children – and vice versa. The children – and also the parents – are allowed to adjust and build up their trust at their own pace. We explain during the intake meeting what you need to take with you and what you can expect. 

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Application via Municipality of Amsterdam

Municipal admission policy for 4-year-olds

All parents receive a preference form from the municipality of Amsterdam when their child is 3 years old. After you have visited schools, you can hand in this preference form at the school of your first preference. On this form, parents indicate at least five other schools in order of preference. More information about the municipal placement round can be found on the website of the Municipality of Amsterdam

How it works

Every year in March, June and November, under the joint responsibility of the school administration boards, school places are allocated for the entire city of Amsterdam on an automated basis.

This ensures that the circumstances are the same for all children, giving them all an equal chance of a place. The aim is to place each child at a school that is as high up as possible on their list of preferences. If a school has sufficient availability, all children who applied will be placed there. If a school receives more applications than it can honour, the available places are allocated by lottery. In that case, your child is entered into the lottery for the chosen schools in your order of preference.


Once a place has been allocated, you are invited for an intake meeting before the enrolment is confirmed. 

Moving home

In the case of moving home 

If you want to enrol your child at our school due to moving home, it is best to send an email to Because we are a new school with small classes, we work with an application procedure in order to maintain a careful balance in each group. This is also in your child’s best interests. After receiving your application, we will invite you to a meeting with the management team. We will then contact your child’s current school to obtain more information. Once we have all the necessary information, we will contact you with our advice.

Transferring from another school

In the case of transferring from another school 

If a child is transferring from another school for a reason other than moving home, the application procedure is more comprehensive. The first step is a meeting with the management team in which we explore the needs and expectations together. This is followed by a meeting with our internal supervisor and the prospective teacher. On request, it may be possible for the child to take a look at their prospective class.


To ensure a smooth transfer, we will always request information from the child’s current school. This includes information about the child’s well-being, cognitive development, educational and behavioural development and any action plans. In some cases, the prospective teacher or our internal supervisor may visit the current school for observation purposes. If we require more information, we will explore the situation in more depth.


Then, the child will be invited to participate in the class on a trial basis. We believe it is important to involve the child in the choice of school. We will share our final decision with the parents before an agreed deadline.

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Tour & information

Curious what De Schatkaart looks like now? Would you like a tour? Mail us and we will schedule a moment together!

We are organizing information session for interested parents on the following dates. 
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