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Hey you, 
Will you join us to explore the world?

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Children’s Centre

De Schatkaart is a Montessori Children’s Centre (Montessori Kind Centrum or ‘MKC’) for learning, development and day care for children aged 0-12 in Amsterdam. We are a child center under construction. In 2022 we started with a toddler group (20 months-2 years) and an infant group (4-6 years). We will continue to grow from here.

Montessori Child Center De Schatkaart is a Montessori Child Center for education, upbringing and care. For children aged 0-12 on Center Island in Amsterdam

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Our mission

Through the children to a new world

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These are our values. They are important in everything we do. 


Sense of belonging

We give every child a safe place in a mini society.


To stimulate each child’s curiosity and help them to flourish, we sometimes stray from the beaten path.


We believe in the inner strength of children.


We teach children to do things themselves.

We regard children as the future of a world in which everything is interconnected.

Our new

We are open! We started in our new building from school year 2023-2024.

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Fresh air, connectedness and interaction

The whole building has been designed to encourage people to move around and interact. All the different floors and areas feel interconnected thanks to the split level set-up. Large windows provide a view of the trees outside and let in lots of light, with the atrium forming the beating heart of the building.


We are blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, including with a large indoor tree, a spacious roof terrace and balconies off all the classrooms offering the possibility for outdoor learning.

We first started developing De Schatkaart in 2019, and we have been moving closer to our goal every single day. Do you join?

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Curious about the latest developments?

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